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This site is committed to serving as a go-to source for consumers who wish to support America by purchasing American-made products and to providing resources for companies as well as individuals who are looking for information on producing and offering products made in America. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. is dedicated to Ernest Glover, Jr., who once upon a time was born on the 4th of July as a Star Spangled baby.

Why Buy American Made Products?

When you buy products that are made in America, you are supporting American businesses and American workers, thereby contributing to the prosperous future of the United States of America and helping to strengthen the American economy.

When you buy products that are made in America, the proceeds remain in the U.S. economy and saves and/or creates new jobs. These jobs in turn contribute to helping many American families begin to realize and actually experience the American Dream.

Featured "Made-In-The-USA" Companies

Spotlight on Young American Entrepreneurs

Maya Penn - Young American Entrepreneur
Maya Penn
Mayas Ideas - Made in the USAMaya Penn, CEO of Maya’s Ideas, was just 8 years old when she started her company. Maya creates handmade one-of-a-kind eco-friendly accessories and clothing. She also has a non-profit organization called Maya's Ideas 4 The Planet which encourages young girls to follow their dreams in non-traditional fields.

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Kegan Abbott- Young American Entrepreneur
Kegan Abbott
Printware - Made in AmericaKegan Abbott is the Creator and Cofounder of Printware, an app-based software platform that enables printer users to order toner and request service from their smartphones. A printer error that occurred in a design class Abbott was taking inspired him to create the Printware application. Abbott credits his father, Robert, who works in the printing industry, for guiding him in the right direction once the idea for Printware was born.

More Info...

Jay-Z/Budweiser Made in America Festival 2017

Budweiser Made In America FestivalThe Budweiser Made in America Festival is an annual music festival that is sponsored by Anheuser–Busch. Music genres include hip hop, rock, pop, R&B, alternative rock and Latin. The event which was first held in 2012 is the brainchild of rapper and business mogul Jay-Z along with business associate, Steve Stoute. The 2017 festival dates are September 2 and September 3 and will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. DETAILS...

American Made Movie

Travel Channel - Made in America Videos

Benefits of Buying Products Made In The USA

Most people would agree that for the most part, products made in America are of superior in quality.

There are many benefits of buying products that are made in the United States of America. Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Buying American-made products helps to lower the ever-growing trade deficit we have with other countries.
  • Buying products made in the USA benefits American workers who manufacture the products as well as their families.
  • American-made products increase the gross domestic product (or GDP) of the United States, allowing more money to flow into the American economy.
  • When you buy American-made products, the proceeds remain in the U.S. and help keep money flowing into the American economy.
  • You support American manufacturers as well as American workers when you buy products that are made in the USA.
  • When you buy products made in the USA, you can be confident that stringent American consumer protection laws and safety standards are in place to protect your family and the environment.
  • Studies show that for every manufacturing job there are FIVE additional jobs created.

How to Tell If a Product Is Made in the USA

According to the "Buy American Act", more than 50% of a product's parts must have been manufactured in the United States before a company is allowed to label a product as being made in America. In addition, the "Buy American Act" requires the U.S. government to give preference to American-made products when making purchases.

The "Made in USA" label is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC sets standards for whether or not a product can use the label. Products must be manufactured according to the FTC's rule which mandates that the product is "all or virtually all" produced in the U.S.(Complying With the Made in USA Standard)

A Few Steps to Take

  • One way to determine where a product was made is to look on the product’s label. "Made in U.S.A." could be embossed or stamped directly on the item, or there could be a tag attached containing the information. The information could also be listed on the box or packaging.
  • In this age of technology, it is of course very easy to research a product’s origins on the Internet.
  • You can check with an organization such as Made in USA Certified to help you determine if a product is completely made in America. If awarded certification, the product is eligible to carry the “Made in USA Certified” seal on its products.
  • Another method is to simply call the company or the manufacturer on the phone and ask where the product was made.

Must U.S. Content Be Disclosed On Products Sold In The U.S.?

U.S. content must be disclosed on automobiles and textile, wool, and fur products. There’s no law that requires most other products sold in the U.S. to be marked or labeled Made in USA or have any other disclosure about their amount of U.S. content. However, manufacturers and marketers who choose to make claims about the amount of U.S. content in their products must comply with the FTC’s Made in USA policy.

What Products Does The FTC’s Made In USA Policy Apply To?

The policy applies to all products advertised or sold in the U.S., except for those specifically subject to country-of-origin labeling by other laws. Other countries may have their own country-of-origin marking requirements. As a result, exporters should determine whether the country to which they are exporting imposes such requirements.

What Kinds Of Claims Does the Enforcement Policy Statement Apply To?

The Enforcement Policy Statement applies to U.S. origin claims that appear on products and labeling, advertising, and other promotional materials. It also applies to all other forms of marketing, including marketing through digital or electronic mechanisms, such as Internet or e-mail.

Brand Names And Trademarks

Ordinarily, the Commission will not consider a manufacturer or marketer’s use of an American brand name or trademark by itself as a U.S. origin claim. Similarly, the Commission is not likely to interpret the mere listing of a company’s U.S. address on a package label in a non-prominent way as a claim of U.S. origin.

Representations About Entire Product Lines

Manufacturers and marketers should not indicate, either expressly or implicitly, that a whole product line is of U.S. origin ("Our products are made in USA") when only some products in the product line are made in the U.S. according to the "all or virtually all" standard.

Does The FTC Pre-approve Made In USA Claims?

The Commission does not pre-approve advertising or labeling claims. A company doesn’t need approval from the Commission before making a Made in USA claim. As with most other advertising claims, a manufacturer or marketer may make any claim as long as it is truthful and substantiated.

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American Made Matters

The American Made Matters® mission is to educate consumers that buying US-made products strengthens the American dream.

Made In America Movement

The Made In America Movement is a nonpartisan organization lobbying for American manufacturers and businesses and encourages consumers to buy American made products.

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